2016 MAHINDRA 1538 4WD – Salvage Tractor – ONLINE ONLY

2016 MAHINDRA 1538 4WD – Salvage Tractor – 102 hours – ONLINE ONLY AUCTION – Tractor was hit from behind while being driven down the highway. It has major damage. There is damage to the center transmission housing, rear end housing, one of the rear wheel rims, operator’s platform and loader joy stick. Damage to clutch disks is unknown. The tractor was laying on its side while still running for ten minutes or possibly longer. There are signs that the oil was blowing out of the exhaust. Very little oil is showing on the dipstick. The tractor is not in a condition to be able to run the engine and load in order to be able to do any diagnostics to see if the motor is okay or if it has problems. Tractor is selling as salvage only.